We should of called him Lucky…

I think we may have named Willie the wrong name. I’m beginning to think we should have named him lucky because he is lucky to be here.

And because he ALWAYS seems to be in the wars or in some kind of trouble, he really is the epitome of ‘unlucky’ – this past year has seen a example of this and to list a few;

* Had kennel cough on arrival.

*Lost his knackers – got an infection.

*Needed cruciate ligament done – complications, nearly lost his leg, then needed it re-broken, reset and pinned and screwed.

* Had to have a clean and polish – resulted in having to have three rotten teeth removed.

*Got a splinter in his spinchter – and vet stuck a finger up and cleaned his anal glands while he was there.

* Broke a tooth (after dental surgery had healed) and had to go back to have his gum cut again and have it removed.

*Choked on a sausage (but wouldn’t let the darn treat go – preferring to die choking.)

And lastly but not least, he’s banned from the beach this week on holibobs – after getting razer burn on his non existent knackers area from his pre-holiday groom, which has got infected. Needless to say he is a very uncomfortable boy (which is why he is sitting to the side.)

This boy has no luck, if we didn’t laugh we’d cry…

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