Willies Girl.

It’s just as well Willie is rather taken by this little girl because she’s a bit of a weirdo. I don’t think she got the memo informing her she is indeed a girlie and does not need to cock her leg to pee or that she is not actually a people but a dog.

I think it is safe to say too that these two love birds are not only smitten with each other but a bonded pair now. Don’t get me wrong they are the epitome of a married couple and bicker, argue and huff at each other regularly (usually started by Willie, who is usually being an ass.)

However, they compliment each other really well, Maggie being a bit of a nutty variety, loving life and over spontaneous in comparison to Willie who is generally grumpy, sarcastic and wicked – well they do say dogs are like thier owners…

But try to separate them, it’s just not going to happen, where one goes the other goes too. Who would of thought that they had not always been a pair or even that just under a year ago, when this underweight, scruffy, bad tempered dog waltz through the door carrying attitude and luggage in abundance that love would flourish.

Willie will always have traits of a street dog, will always be weary of strangers but with Maggie he is softer around the edges, she is his gal and he loves her, weird bits and all. ❤️❤️❤️

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