Pigcat’s Revenge

Battle of the beasts.

Wardens of the day and night.

Laurel and Hardy.

Take your pick both boys have been right on one this past twenty four hours, is there a full moon? Have we changed thier diet? Or are they co-ordinating thier efforts to slowly have us admitted into daycare, who knows…

But I do know never to buy cat mint from the garden centre EVER again and to NEVER leave the said cat mint by our front door (ontop of our beautiful newly planted up planter.) I should of known really, I think I was distracted at the time…

I asked for the mint plants, hoping for lemon mint or chocolate mint but all they had was cat mint, it never occurred to me that cat mint was just a fancy name for catnip – well until the depths of the night. When we all catapulted out of bed (couldn’t help the pun there) when we all thought we were getting burgled or worse someone was getting murdered outside.

The wailing and screaming, the thumping and banging – the horror – what were we going to open the door to. Indeed we were quite a picture; Mr 3WD&P in his boxers, one slipper in his left hand ready to defend himself if needed, Willie ankle biting at his foot ready to go, Nessie snoring in her bed oblivious and Maggie and I – well obviously we were hiding behind the door, waving our arms around and shouting words of encouragement to the brave and heroic Mr 3WD&P and as he slowly, deftly opened the front door (slipper still in hand) what did he find…

All of our plants, spread around the garden, stones, bulbs, you name it and a wide eyed, fat wicked cat, rolling about in the middle of the planter amongst chaos – with a cat mint plant inbetween his paws and he was obviously so high and drugged up on his find, he just carried on going – while singing the song of his people (which was awful by the way, I’m pretty sure our ears were bleeding.)

Mr 3WD&P’s adrenaline by this point had reach full volocity that he snatched up the cat mint plant at lightening speed (with cat still attached) and the battle of wills commenced. Imagine the scene a fully grown man arguing with a drugged up cat. As you can guess the exhausted, sleepless man won but Pigcat spent the rest of the night howling through the open windows as he came down from his drug induced spell.

And to make matters worse Willie bounced out if bed this morning full of himself, gone was the usual grumpy sod and in its place a cheerful, playful, annoying dog and so the day began…

and if I have tripped over him once today as he has chased my ankles as I’ve walked past I have tripped over him a million times. He has just been full of mischief all day 🤪

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