Auntie Lisa.

Well I think it is safe to say Nessie is happy with her Auntie Lisa because if the love isn’t apparent here, well I’m not sure what love is then. I’m a great believer that a picture can say a thousand words…

Lisa is a special Lady to us all here at 3WD&P, Willie was her ward, almost a year ago. She was the one who brought Willie to our door all those months ago, who supported us all through the those first days, who stuck by us thick and thin, even when it was difficult.

Now she is more than Willie’s old caretaker all those months ago, she is a friend, an auntie, an integral part of our pack. She doesn’t let me mooch or hide behind closed doors. She doesn’t see a broken dog, she sees beauty all around her and she carries it with her.

She is a little piece of happiness and Nessie has just picked that up in one short cuddle ❤️

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