Birthday Ties…

Somebody is wearing his birthday tie. Somebody looks very dapper. Somebody has been with us a year today is his gotcha day. One year today this little boy came through the door as our foster charge. A year ago today he waltzed into our house full of sass and attitude (and cocked his leg up everything.) A year ago today the battle of wills began between Mr 3WD&P and this wee white dog.

For a year ago today Willie was still very much the street dog. He may have been in the care of the rescue, awaiting treatment and adoption but in his head and heart he was a street dog; under weight, scruffy and untrusting. Some of the things we do to Willie, now such as cuddle him, kiss him and pick him up would of warranted losing a finger or two as Willie was onguard and feral. You could not touch this boy and he was ready to fight his way out any which way.

Indeed Willie’s journey with us has been both beautiful and hairy, he has had surgeries and vet treatments galore as injuries from his street days become apparent. He has had to learn to submit and to accept and give love again. We can still remember the day he let go and allowed us, trusted us to lead. It was an awful day, one of his most feral. Willie was in a fowl mood, determined to be in charge. So we took extreme measures that day. It was a make or break day as Mr 3WD&P took charge and physically pinned Willie in a submissive position (not advised to be done.) I remember Willie whining, whimpering and crying desparately trying to get away and Mr 3WD&P calm, quiet determination.

But do you know what I remember most, one single moment. The moment the switch flicked, when he gave in and passed the power onto us. It was immediate. You could literally see the attitude slip away from him in that moment and for all the crying and whimpering, when Mr 3WD&P let him go Willies reaction was – to kiss him, Mr 3WD&P first kiss.

And this past year we have lived day by day with Willie, taking things as they come. Willie is an inspiration, everyday he blossoms and grows, yes we have odd slip up days and there are some situations and things he still gets anxious of but you can touch him, hug him and kiss him. He is a part of the family and we have no worries about that at all now.

He is his own hero, our street dog for the street dog is still there – just incase because he hasn’t quite realised he’s here forever because we are never letting him go…

And later we have birthday again ❤️

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