Happy Gotcha Day to You…

Happy Gotcha Day to you,
Happy Gotcha Day to you,
Happy Gotcha Day dear Willie,
Happy Gotcha Day to you.

And it wouldn’t be Willie’s day if he had not got himself into some kind of pickle would it and indeed he has today. We have spent ALL day out and about (and with his birthday tie on) and with us carrying his backpack of goodies and necessities.

He has had lunch in the town house; pee-peed on every bush, post and letterbox. Fell down a drain – yes a drain – because he was too busy eyeing up the local girls and trying to woo them, which resulted in him walking into a wall and then loosing a paw down a drain grid.

Then he had a quiet pint in the beer garden – well it was quiet until a younger male model of himself swaggered in and made Willie feel inferior, partly because Maggie was wiggling her bum and flirting with him (probably to pay Willie back for his earlier wandering eyes with the ladies.) Unfortunately for Willie, crying in the beer garden down his pint was probably not the most effective move to prove his masculine form and restore his pride, neither was it to then head butt the said ‘other dog’, thus we quickly vacated the lovely little garden.

And lastly the stress of having too many choices at his party was just too much. I mean how could he choose between; birthday cake, chocolate donuts and squeaky hamburgers – it was an impossible choice. Well that and Mummy and Daddy were determined to humiliate him by making him wear ‘The Birthday Hat’ but I personally think he looks amazing.

So I think I’m safe to say he’s had a grand day, even if it was a long day for him. Bless, daddy even had to carry him back to the caravan this evening because he was so pooped.

We love this little man ❤️

* and many thanks to Doggy Delish for the birthday treats.

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