Late night shenanigans…

Willie is not asleep as this photograph suggests Willie is in a grump. His ears are listening to everything going on. He is on high alert, unlike Maggie who is on my knee snoring her head off.

Willie is grumpy because he is tired. He did not sleep well last night, not because he was out partying and celebrating his birthday but because there was a party/disco at the complex last night (until 2am) and we are only five or six caravans away from the entertainment building.

Now I am probably assuming and building my own jigsaw here but Willie was very unhappy last night as this was going on. His reaction to it was pure stress and fear. I know he was found on the streets of a busy city down south, I know he loves a good olde rummage in fast food wrappers on the ground when we are out and about (habit I think) I know he absolutely does not like to engage out in public, often standing back as people fuss Maggie and Nessie and I have only ever seen him take treats/food from someone’s hand other than our once (and that was Della’s from Doggy Delish and he was in his daddies arms.)

So last night as the booming of the disco began in the distance Willie lost his composure. He didn’t snap, growl or revert into the feral beast we had a year ago (but I think that was just because he was inside the caravan and with us) but he did have an uncontrollable accident on the carpet and tried not to nibble the duvet but totally consume it. All the while he whimpered and shook and tried to look for somewhere safe to hide. He did find a hiding place too, under the covers, as close to us as he could (making sure he could touch both of us) but even then he cried and whimpered.

And when a few merry people came walking through and around the caravans – well let’s just say Mr 3WD&P got up with him at that point and slept in the living room with him, quietly whispering sweet nothings in his ear. So Willie is tired and grumpy and as I write this post and listen to the rain fall on the caravan roof, Willie snoozes, not quite fully asleep or relaxed.

It will be a later start to the day today as I’ve sent Mr 3WD&P back to bed but then the rain will limit us a little as this caravan site is not as dog friendly as it suggests online. Yes there is dog bowls and bins out all over the park but it’s the first haven site I’ve been to where you cannot take your dogs onto the outside decking areas, which is such as shame because Berwick is extremely dog friendly, excepting dogs in shopping and food establishments galore. So it is just as well as Nessie stayed home with our dog sitter Christine as they are strict on the ‘two dog rule’s too and she to would be upset at the late night shanigans of last night.

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