Well Nessie has spent the past few days sleeping like a pro since she came back from her adventures. I’d like to say coming home has been a wonderful experience for her but I’m a bit afraid it has been a bit of a come down. For you see we just cannot compete with the care she has been subjected too;

Sung to and serenaded.
Cuddled and fussed.
Talked to insessantly on walks.
Treats on demand
And a never empty food bowl.

Actually I think she’s a bit miffed with her now routine feeding times back and the fact we are not serenading her as she settles down to sleep.

I think she feels like she has fell off her pedestal, no longer a royalty but a pauper and although she was excited to see us when we picked her up I suspect next time she may not be so keen and may try to hide behind Christine and her huge bag of treats or try to serenade her into submission to come and live with us, as aunt – you know the ones – the ones who always say yes to your kids when you’ve said no and feed them up with all the blue smarties just before they drop them back off at you.

Yeah you know who you are…

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