Lady Nessie…

Lady Nessie, harlequin princess of the giant clan, guardian of all those smaller than her, gracious and kind, keeper of secrets and dancer devine.

She certainly is regal looking and beautiful to boot but her beauty does not come from her unusual markings or dual coloured eyes. It comes from within, from her calm demeanor, to her open heart. She is full of hope and trusts like an innocent child.

That is not all, she is a hoot with not just a child like innocence but with a childlike mentality, full of fun. She is quirky and clumsy. Has two left feet and absolutely no co-ordination whatsoever. Her spacial awareness is non-excistant and her idea of personal space is well none.

But when she trusts to scratch her nose, you cannot help but laugh as her back legs scratch everywhere but her nose. As she tries to sit down (while scratching) or as she decides being upside down would make scratching easier but really it makes her look like an alien as her jowls flap around in the breeze 😳🤣

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