Oi, Woman…

I am in the bad books. Lord Willie first of his name is not impressed with me – which is a serious concern because he hasn’t spoken properly to Mr 3WD&P since he brought Nessie home but that’s a different story.

Let me caption this story for you though, in his highnesses voice, splashed with a little bit of contempt…

* Photograph one – The Lighthouse.

Oi woman, yes you with the camera. Don’t you go pretending your a crooning at me, I can see your lense poised at the light house. The cheek of it, how you dare is beyond me woman. First you abandon us for a WHOLE day, none of this ‘just a half an hour’ stuff – No! A WHOLE BLUMMING DAY, to not come home later and love us but to feed us and gallavant straight back out to celebrate birthdays. I’ve got the measure of you woman. Pay us attention now!

* Photograph Two – The Glare.

Are you looking this way, cmon woman do what you are told, admire us…

* Photograph Three – Up yours.

Right Maggie she’s looking this way, admiring us and trying to take a picture. Quick punish her. Turn your back and ignore her. Dreadful woman. Yes, make her suffer for abandoning us yesterday…

And so that is how Sunday has gone so far for me, none of the snuggling or kissing. No love or warm companionship. Nothing. Apparently Auntie Lisa and Auntie Nadine are not in the bad books though as Lord Willie and Lady Maggie were quite happy to share the love while in thier company this morning (traitors.) Do they not even know it’s all Auntie Lisa’s fault they were abandoned yesterday. See they even have me using the word abandoned…

But I must put the record straight, they were NOT abandoned, they were home with Mr 3WD&P being loved, fussed and walked. They were being adored and spoilt with treats as I (sorry we) Auntie Lisa an I lost a whole day of our lives, to never get back. For the craft fair was not so much as a craft fair but a church jumble sale. Not that I’m a snob or anything, on the contrary I spent many a childhood afternoon raking through jumble sales. It was more the sale pitch wasn’t there for our crafts, with people looking for a bargain rather than a unique gift and when we tried to pack away early…

We got repremanded and told off. It was not one of the most enjoyable days I have had but that being said, we were supported by a few members or six (which we are uber grateful for) as they splashing a little bit of happiness into our day and made it an easier pill to swallow – well until I got home.

I wonder how long Willie will punish me for??

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