This is Willie…

This is Willie.

Willie had his boosters today.

Willie was selfish.

Willie needed all of the nurses and all of the vets in the surgery to participate in his booster injections.

Willie does not like injections.

Willie dislikes injections so much the vet can remember trying to give him his injections last year. Willie needed two nurses, the vet and daddy to hold him down. Daddy of course got the pleasure of the head end (as nobody else was that brave.)

Willie only bent and snapped one injection this time – meaning it only took two attempts to get it in there.

I think Willie scared all of the other patients away with his Godzilla impersonation as the surgery was post apocalyptic when we left.

Willie vets have most probably put a red star back up on his vet records again after his showmanship today.

Willies parents are wondering if anybody else wants to go with him next year, as I think putting paper bags over our heads maybe the only way to avoid being recognised as Willie certainly made himself known today…

Oh and Willie is absolutely, definitely STILL IN A HUFF with us.

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