Stop and smell the flowers…

Our days this week are filled with stolen moments, like remembering to smell the flowers, that and quiet strolls, trying to catch a moment or two in life. The countdown to work is almost upon me and has been and gone for Mr 3WD&P who is already there.

And funnily enough as I feel work looming around the courner I’v found that I’ve favoured the black and white photographs which seems quite apt as life is never as black and white as it seems. As around every corner there feels like a new challenge or turmoil to overcome, life is relentless, never resting it seems.

And when you think it’s settling, or you get that feeling of comfort – bam the universe shakes it up again. This week and the weeks up to it have been bittersweet with laughter and tears, as yet another member of our older generation leaves us with heartache, and the ‘what ifs’ creep out if the shadows, as fond memories make us smile and ponder, family once again needs steadying.

But as our lives turn and twist, so does others. We are not the only ones with stories to tell, to pass on. Some stories are just beginning and some are ending but the greatest gift is to be part of the story, however difficult, however long or even short – to be a part of life in itself is an adventure. The greatest adventure but never forget to stop and smell the flowers because that one moment in time can sometimes be the most precious.

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