Forever Home…

Life can be unfair, it can be down right bloody awful and then there are times when it’s really bad. It can seem like no matter how hard you try to do the right thing and how much you put others first things can still go wrong and people can still be shitty. Like many others we turn to our fur babies to give us balance, give us a hug and a laugh and everytime we walk through the door the unquestioned love and affection bestowed on us retores our faith and recharges our hearts.

We have lived through such times of late, we have smiled through the tears, looked through the dark and rejoiced in the little things that made us smile. We have had to make some decisions that were awful for us but ultimately for the best for others. Which brings us to this weekend. We have had another of those descisions to make and we feel like horrible people. Horrible but honest and realistic people. We have tried so hard to be the best of the best for our newest charge Nessie… but we have failed.

We have finally accepted that we just do not have enough of life left in us to be able to do what’s best for her. We have worked with the rescue and made the heartbreaking descision to help the wonderful people at her old rescue help us find the perfect people for her which is no less than she deserves and the universe indeed did come through for our Nessie and a fantastic home with truly lovely people who can bestowe on her all of thier time and love and undivided attention came forth and as such this weekend came ‘the dreaded’ road trip.

As we took Nessie to meet her new family. It was not without a MacDonalds breakfast, wanders on route and sneaky kisses and we can tell you that we are still in touch with her new people and she has settled in wonderfully and will be cherished in her forever home.

We will always love Nessie and will miss her whacky ways, her wonderful cuddles and sloppy kisses. We are honoured to have been able to part of her story, however short and will always have a special place in our hearts for her.

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