Hedgehog Hunter…

Open warfare has begun or should I say continues…

It’s still 1-0 to the hedgehog with Lord Willie not being very sportsmanship like on the loosing front. In actually fact he is the reincarnation of a huffy teenager holding a sodden big chip on his shoulder that he can hardly walk without a swagger and the pouting – let’s not get onto the pouting, as he lounges about the house all depressed and down shodden.

For the hedgehog is there, just out of reach and no means of preparation or planning is helping and as for recruiting Lady Maggie, well that was as much good as a chocolate fireguard as yes she is right into it BUT she’s got no clue what she right into or what is going on.

Willie has thought about Pigcat though – they could team up. Pigcat has been aloof and slightly weary while wee Nessie has been with us but an alliance might just be the answer…

Well it would be if he wasn’t grounded. Alas he is not allowed in the garden now unless supervised by daddy – and daddy is no push over. Daddy likes manners and best behaviour something Willie is lacking at the moment (with his enthusiasm at catching a hedgehog) well that and the fact life is a little topsy turvy again.

Indeed there’s been another little change here, one Mr 3WD&P wants to share with you but that’s for later (after he has sorted the hedgehog hunter and his chip out.)

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