National Dog Day.

It almost perfect for us today that it is National Dog Day as we try to mooch about and feel sad, it’s almost like the universe is reminding us that not everything goes as you plan but that all you have to do is what your heart tells you is right and everything will fall into place. As we miss Nessie today we are reminded that for her she is right where she needs to be with 1:1 love, no competing with other dogs, cats or children. She is her new families 12th Great Dane – yes 12th, also meaning there is an abundance of knowledge there and as she figures out which bed she is allowed to sleep in (because she trying to snuggle in the peoples bed) we know she will be loved unconditionally to the end of her days.

Indeed we were over whelmed by all of your lovely, positive comments and support yesterday (and not one negative one was to be seen.) You are such a fantastic lot…

So as we wake up this morning and allow our hearts to mend and Willie and Maggie adjust, we reflect on this day (National Dog Day) all the dogs who have allowed us to be part of thier stories, who we have watched grow and find thier forever homes (yes Pigcat is in there too as a honoury dog) and we hope, when the time is right we can help others along the path too but for now let’s shout out the the four paws in our life, who make it better and teach us about unconditional love. For without them life would be that little less bright

Share a picture, celebrate your dog with us, recent or past, they leave paw prints in our hearts always.

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