Pizza Monster…

Mr 3WD&P is eating Willie’s favourite food – pizza and funnily enough Willie’s on/off limp has miraculously disappeared too. Willie is giving daddy his best ‘I am starving eyes’. Willie needs to pull out all of the stops as daddy does not share food – ever. He even stabbed mummy with his fork one day as she tried to steal the last bit of his sausage off his plate. Daddy loves food almost as much as Willie.

Of course this love for food that they both have can create as many problems as solutions for the sharing of food is neither of thier strong points. However Willie is not daft, although he has totally abandoned me – not even adorning me with cuddles never mind kisses now he has daddy all to himself again – he will jump ships for food but the hard work begins when the only food left is daddies…

BUT believe it or not, it was not an issue this evening. Yes Willie had to do his best ‘feed me me’ face and he even did the drop and roll manouver (just to seal the deal.)

The most impressive thing though? Just look at the concentration on Willie’s face as he takes the pizza from daddy. The care and attention. He is trying to be ever so gentle – unlike his usual beast like behaviour and pigish table manners because normally he half chokes himself eating and if he leaves you a finger or two you are in luck 🤪

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