It’s the little things that make you smile…

As I arrive back refreshed (if not a little tired trying to keep up with my younger sisters) from my last chance break before going back to work and as I return to the UK my phone goes bananas catching up with all those missed, messages, emails and ppi claims (because they never get lost) I opened a lovely message from Nessies new mummy and daddy.

This was a message that made me smile, full of photographs and happy little updates. She has definitely landed on her feet and I am pleased to say settling in grand, being an only dog has just been what she has needed, with the 1:1 attention bringing her beautiful character out.

She will of course need time to come into her own and still is a big lop scared of her own shadow but she is now not a third dog or even a beloved pet, she is somebody’s baby and like most she flourishes in this love. It was a hard choice, we still miss her but a photograph can speak a thousand words and these ones made us smile. We cannot share all the photographs with you due to confidentiality but I still think you can see how happy she is in these ones we can share.

We love you Nessie xx

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