You can’t take some people anywhere…

You just can’t take some people anywhere, there is always that one isn’t there, that has to spoil the peace or make a scene. Along comes a beautiful warm sunny day, the perfect day for a nice stroll along Tynemouth beach, a mooch in the market, a tasty lunch and just as you feel it is the perfect day, as you find that perfect beer garden to quench your thirst and admire the lovely planting or enjoy the atmosphere of giggling (well behaved children) and admire the dogs snoozing peacefully by thier hoomans it is destroyed…

As Lord Willie, founder of Viking blood, master of mischief, gob of the north comes bounding in. For he has seen the green, green grass, the grass of the earth, his deepest desire. The urge to roll and feel the pleasure of the sweet blades of greenery are too much…

But Willie is a beast, not quiet is he, as he rolls and plunders on the lawn. As he twists and turns and wriggles in delight. He Gruffs and groans, grunt and garbles. Growls escape from him as he lets go of all ambition and just enjoys nature’s pleasure.

Completely destroying all peace in garden and drawing the attention of all those who sit by – who stare at him with unbelieving disgust, Ashe wiggles and jiggles his bottom and man tools at unsuspecting diners in all his glory.

You just cannot take this guy anywhere 🤣

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