We had a wonderful day at Tynemouth yesterday, the weather was glorious much warmer than we were anticipating. Our adventures started with Willie and Maggies favourite activity – a ride on the metro. They love the bustle of the station and the roar of the train lumbering into the station but their most favourite part is the ride. Not only do they have an audience that cannot escape or deny them attention but they get to ride in style, up on our knees, noses pressed to the windows.

The excitement of the day does not stop there either though, the metro takes them to the coast, the sea breeze and smells pour out onto the train as it reaches the platform but this is no ordinary platform. This is Tynemouth market platform. Full of vendors, wonderful foods and knick knacks galore. Never an opportunity to be missed as delicacies drop down to nose level and other than watching your step as not to be stood it is a rare treat. Confidently they know where the dog stalls are and can identify a ‘dog person’ from stall to stall – you know the ones, the ones that pet and fuss the four paws.

Tynemouth is not only about the market though as it overflows with qwerky shops and dog friendly eatery’s where Maggie and Willie can peruse or snooze happily in comfort. Indeed even in Allard’s they could not avoid the heavenly gazes and cuddles from neighbouring tables, although mummy refused to let them feed us treats, muttering something about allergies (but really being vigilant about our safety as more reports of dog poisoning rise to attention.)

Lunch was followed with a mooch around the priory and a walk along the sea front but with dogs unwelcome on the beach it was admired by far. We didn’t walk as fast or as far as normal, with the heat being humid and uncomfortable. Nor did Willie ask to be carried but a hop and a skip every now and then whispered of him tiring.

The ride home was uneventful too as Willie cuddled up in his pack, grateful for his unasked carry as he looked up to his dad in thanks and not wanting to end on a low note, we stopped at a local pub for grass rolling, flower smelling moments as we drank away our thirst and slept in the sun, warming our tired legs. It was a perfect day. One that will stay in memory. What more could a four paw want but to be loved and cared for, to have adventure and a full belly.

We love our pack, our little family ❤️

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