Bitter Sweet.

So it seems Pigcat has been a little bit of a worky ticket while I have been away. Trying as usual to be helpful but actually causing chaos and destruction in his wake. Pigcat is notoriously nosey and has a bit of a thing for paint – especially wet paint.

He likes to roll in wet paint or even better to walk in it. Many a time have we completed the perfect painting job to then find Pigcat size paw prints along the paths, through the house and on our not quite dry endeavours. Indeed Pigcat has had a rainbow of coloured paws over the years – for he can never deny that he is the culprit for the evidence.

But never does he learn, he hates the brushing out of sticky painted knots, despises the paw baths and vexes the scissors that preen his beloved mane and tail (for it is always the mane and tail that ends up painted.)

Luckily for Pigcat, daddies reflexes were fast this time, snatching him up and confiscating him from the work in progress. Quickly was he frog marched by the manchild Ben into a safe haven and relentless was the house arrest which bore shut windows and doors making for no escape.

Unluckily for us though, the wrath of Pigcat lives on as he pouts and huff’s. His revenge has not yet been exacted but have no worry he never forgets. He will bide his time and his revenge will be sweet but for now he lays quiet and respectful for the end of this week has been bitter sweet.

A comarade has fallen, a basket is empty and a heart is hurting. Grandad 3WD&P has had to make the ultimate sacrifice of love. His beautiful baby was sadly hit by a car on Thursday and was found and brought into the vetinary surgery on Friday. She fought to wait and say goodbye and through all the pain she purred as she saw her daddy and cuddled into him. They got to say goodbye but goodbyes always leave a hole, one time will eventually ease. In memory of Tasha 2015-2018 ❤️❤️

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