We are not happy, there is a stranger sitting among us. We refuse to acknowledge this intruder, turning our backs upon them. How dare they try to deceive us and join in our pack, we are tenacious thoroughbreds, built to sniff out and detect such criminals. Even that catz Pigcat can sense and even see there is a strange person in our midst. Is it not bad enough that we have to have eyes behind our backs watching this suspicious looking two legs but to put even further stress on us – we have lost our mummy too.

Mummy went into the bathroom earlier, we watched her go but it was not her who appeared out of the same door (even though she sounds like our mummy and smells like mummy.) For there was small discrepancies; this mummy was wailing like a baby, complete with a horrifying potty mouth. Daddy too noticed straight away that this mummy was not our mummy. However in contrast to our grumbling and avoidance tactics he sniggered and laughed – which is a bit strange if you ask us?

So as this imposter tries so valiantly to cuddle and kiss us we stick together and dodge her. Pigcat curls up in his tightest ball, head tucked tightly under tail, Maggie sits directly infront of them – bottom facing and steel faced and I Sir Willie the mighty, first of my name perform my most perfect huff and throw down (I wish you could see it!)

We have decided that this punishment must continue on into the night. Even though we are beginning to see certain resembles of our mummy in this strange two leg. Although, it is hard to make out through the sobs as she waffles on about how;

“she should of checked that the colour in the box was the same one as outside the box, before she put it on.”

Whatever that means but I’m pretty sure my mummy was blonde. So this one is definitely an imposter…

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