Looking Back and smiling.

A year ago today – wow already. Happy forever home day Baxter ❤️❤️

Today we are happy, sad and a little bit broken. Today is also going to be our last post about little Baxter 😢.

Baxter has found his forever family. Which is amazing and we are so pleased for him because he deserved It. Now for data protection purposes I cannot disclose who Baxters new mum and dad are. But I’m sure once he has settled we will be seeing his lovely happy face soon.

We have enjoyed having Baxter, and although we had him for such a short time (A week) we are a little bit lost without him. Certainly fostering is not easy, as you cannot help but love those little fur balls you are caring for. But seeing both Baxter and his potential family this morning on his meet and greet was amazing. It was like a lost jigsaw peice being fitted together, like they were just meant for each other and that feeling of being a part of Baxters next phase of his life, far out weighs the difficult times.

So bye from us (for now) and bye from Baxter and enjoy these photos from his last day with us 😍😍😍

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