Watkins Legacy

Today is a day we share with family in honour of my late grandma. A strong willed, fierce lady at only -5ft (she shrank with age) and she always loved her fourpaws, so as we say goodbye it seems only fitting to share these photographs of Lord Willie from Saturday past. Forty five minutes Willie lay like this with me – me not daddy. He lapped up the tummy rubs, revelled in the head massage and coed at the attention. He was practically purring.

Willie has always predominantly been Mr 3WD&P dog (well from the moment he submitted) but Willie and I have been a slow burn as he has had to learn to trust again. He has flourished this past year but for me these past few months have been magical, as he has saught me out for cuddles and kisses. Each day the barriers have disappeared, replacing that awkward relationship we had into a beautiful one.

There are no doubts or fears anymore and I can do anything to Lord Willie that daddy can do now – I have been accepted. I am honoured and now? Well it seems Willie is a reformed dog, manchildren, visitors – Willie is there to greet them at the door, belly first for tummy rubs and I now get it. All those years ago with ‘Grannie and Pippin (her yorkshire terrier) I get it – I just wish I had clicked on sooner – there’s just something about a terrier (the Westie ones for me) but just look at his face, how could I not…

So Grannie Watkins give Pippin a huge hug from me ❤️❤️

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