Willie got a banana…

Willie got a banana, Maggie a pineapple. Never being content with thier own little gifts, they stare longingly at each others and dream of a switch.

Willie wants the pineapple, Maggie wants the banana. Both of them yellow, both of them squeak but one wants the other, oh please let us switch.

Willie gets the pineapple, Maggie gets the banana. Peace and contentment rules the land, oh for a minute or ten seconds longer…

Willie murders the pineapple,
Blood, guts and squeakers.
Maggie cuddles the banana,
Carefully caressing it’s yellow gown.

Willie wants the banana,
It’s apeel (peel 🤪🤣) is just too much.
Willie gets the banana and Maggie is huffed.

Willie strangles the banana, shakes it here and there as Maggie stares on horrified because Willie doesn’t care.

But the banana stands it’s ground and Willie is dumbfound. In one piece it still stays pride of place in the toybox space.

Little does Willie know that mummy bought a bunch of those to show. Knowing that Willie’s a beast and would kill all the peace.

Strangle and shake the banana to space,
Tear it’s guts, rip it’s peel and chew up the squeaky seal.

His pride would flow at this masculine show and his head would swell and he’d be a right bell. So a decoy was planted to keep him in place and stop his head going into outer space.

Gotcha Willie 🤪🤣🤪

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