As gang crime rises some members become notoriously famous such as ‘KILLER’ seen here below. Killer is widely know for his boarish behaviour, often terrorising unsuspecting squeaky toys but his most dispicable crime – not the murder of the pineapple or his constantly trolling of Pigcat but the unwarranted attacks on Mr Hoover (or Dyson in this case.)

Killer is determined to end the life of this poor inanimate household appliance. Silently he waits in the bleachers for him to appear. Unrelenting he eggs him on, snacking at his roller action and barking at his suction movements as he barr’s its way.

Many believe he is acting purely out of hatred and menace, endeavouring to be top dog BUT what if he is just protecting his pack, the poor victim who has been made to weld the monstrous device? But either way it must die because his name is ‘KILLER’ after all!


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