Stink eye…

I bet you are all on tender hooks wondering how Lord Willie’s flirtatious advances went. Did he succeed? Was his power of persuasion enough? Well as you have probably already gathered by Willie’s stories so far, he is a bit of a boarish brute, preferring brawn over brains. That at most of his best thought out plans never seem to, well go to plan and this romantic endeavour was no different.

Where personality and charm failed to get the desired effect Willie used plan number two – the playful tactic. Not his best paw forward move, as this little boy is like a bill in a China shop where toys and ‘playing’ are concerned. Being that the idea of sharing bewilders him and people plus pets hide from his attempts of shot put (usually in your direction, with the heaviest, most solid toy he can find.) Indeed these flying targets have taken out many a ankle or head, been lost behind furniture and left mass destruction of many a fragile ornament.

Thus why he thinks this version of playing enamours him is beyond me – that and the fact there is no gentlemanly quality to him as he, boarishly pushes, shoves and growls his way to world domination, proving that he does indeed have little man syndrome and it always results in him being friendless and alone in the end as you can see by the photographs.

However, Poppy not being one to shy away from a battle of her favourite toys and being an intelligent young lady – using her brain rather than brawn resulted in Willie not only being friendless but toyless too (bless his cotton socks) and I will share that video later this evening but for now Willie sulks.

He is feeling hard done by – why can he not have two wives? He has no problems having a gorgeous long legged wife and a short one? But more to the point – why is his current wife Lady Maggie in a huff with him? He really doesn’t have a clue and he wishes she would stop giving him the stink eye but I don’t think that’s going to happen for a while do you?

They say there’s nothing like a woman scorned and Willie has flirted with Lady Poppy ALL weekend…

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