Wizard walk anyone?

Wizard walk anyone?

Visiting Scotland for me is like going back home, after spending 10+ living there and having family and friends there too. I must also admit some of the most beautiful places, including parks are there too, with fountains, lakes, play areas and woodland walks. The adventures you can have with the four paws is limitless.

However, we didn’t just have our four paws, we had lady Poppy the tri border collie, Fife maiden warrior and if there’s anything she loves doing more its herding. No collection of children, dogs or ducks are safe – if there’s a pack or gaggle, the games are afoot. So as Poppy patrolled the edge of the park lakeside; willing her servant walker into the water with her to gather up the ducks our hunter gatherers gallivanted amongst the green acres.

Not that they found anything other than peoplie stuff like pretty flowers and fountains (that were not to be dog loved) as they were a perfect excuse for us two legs to fuss and faff with our cameras – much to the disgust of Lord Willie and Lady Maggie who just wanted to get up to mischief chasing the local squirrels.

But squirrels they did not catch, being of the short legged variety of dog. So content they had to be with Wizard walks (You’re a Wizard Willie) and clattering across the troll bridge noisily to find there were no trolls insight. They did come across a rather fierce lion with red eyes though, in which Mr 3WD&P proceeded to inform us (at length) was his royal seal and star sign blah blah blah – it’s just a shame his mane is on the thin side 😂

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