This is Willie’s grumpy face. Sadly Willie finds this level of grumpiness hard to maintain these days, indeed this grumpy face is an old photograph from last year but Willie absolutely does feel this grumpy today.

For you see today out on his walk, he was gazumped. There was another canine using HIS tree – yes HIS tree. This sole one tree was specifically selected by Lord Willie first of his name. It’s location is nothing but perfect, south facing, locally sourced and right on the beaten path to spread the all important headline


So imagine his distress at a rounding the corner and seeing it being defiled by a Jack Russell. However his humiliation did not end there, not only did this intruder lift his leg to Willies tree but he rolled upon the grass beside it too before he left and even Willies most grumpy face did not deter this obnoxious hooligan.

Thus there was only one thing for it – to go in a huff. Firstly Willie refused to leave his news on the now damaged tree (photograph 2) and then proceeded to stomp to the fields to leave his headline in his second favourite spot (photograph 3) – which can you believe it was under construction – by the same graffiti artist – the Jack Russell!

This called for desparate measures to a) sit on the grass in a huff (photograph 4) and b) to then drag his arse along the said grass (Infront of Mr Russell) as to prove his point of what he though of his rotten behaviour (photograph 5). Willies performance then continued on into the day and while Lady Maggie waited patiently for a little while but enough is enough and she tempted fate and chased him down the field.

And as you can see it worked a treat. Lord Willie maybe a huffy boy but the grumpy boy he was a year ago is not as easy to keep up anymore because life is good. So with the wind blowing in his mane and the leaves wildly slapping his mummy in the face, we left Mr Jack Russell behind – I’m sure we can find another favourite tree…

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