The Great British bake off blues…

Great British Bake off my furry bum – we have been duped people’s by mummy two legs. Baking she promised, goodies from the kitchen (of course we are educated four paws – we know the drill; baking and making also equals tasting and eating.)

So we pulled out all the stops; chefs whites (and hats), moustaches and some va va voom. The included our very bestest french impersonations – no idea why but we were living in the moment (ooolala) and as Mrs Fancy pants danced around the kitchen making a mess (and an awful lot of noise) we frolicked underfoot, helping of course!

Patiently we waited, carefully we helped making sure no ingredients were missed but did we get an ounce of thanks. No we did not. We did not even get a taste of the finished masterpiece.

Oh no doggies could not have a bit of this tasty morsel, oh raisins and currants are bad for doggies blah blah blah, she muttered under her breath – the cheek of it after all the effort we took to play the professional part!

Thankfully, she pulled it out the bag at the last minute, making us some scrambled eggs (with ham) with the eggs left over from her ‘baking’. Just as well really as I was about to throw a wobbler and turn my back on her – that would teach her to bake non dog friendly cakes – you just can’t get good staff these days…

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