Boredom wins…

So as the household one by one drops like flies with the dreaded lurgy Lord Willie first of him name is bored. He is not interested in nursemaiding us. Maggie is quite welcome to that job and is doing a great job of it. Indeed Lady Maggie has not left my side whether I have been in bed, bath or head down the bog. Every tablet I’ve took and moan I’ve made she’s been there, ontop, beside or Infront of me. She is such a lovely girl.

Willie – well Willie is bored and not interested in the least in catching any of our germs, actually he has become aloof and went in search of mischief (which has not taken him far) for he has found his partner in crime. Pigcat. These two boys just never learn, always trying to vye for masculine superiority and upsurp the other but if course, as normal it all goes horribly wrong. Usually on Willies part because he’s all brawn and no brain. Whereas Pigcat is all about strategy and the long play. Thus let the games begin…

So as we try to sleep and drug induce our illness away Willie plays his new game; to crawl on his belly in stealth mode to Pigcats door (he’s not stealthy in any way, he’s white and a noisy brute), he then waits hidden behind the door frame to the side (he may think he’s hidden but his big butt hangs out) then when his thinks Pigcat is unsuspecting or even sleeping (which he is usually neither) Lord Willie then leaps forward and excitedly barks at Pigcat – as to try and give him a fright I think?

Sadly, this may be Willie’s plan BUT Pigcat is very much onto him as you can see by the photographs and is enjoying every moment…

Especially the moment when he climbs down from the bed and walks across the gate Infront of Willie, rubbing up against the bars – knowing Willie cannot do anything. Then just as Willie is vibrating up and down with excitement Pigcat swishes his tail, smacks Willie in the face with it and elegantly swaggers away from Willie, tail upright, butt hole displayed, as if to say…

Kiss my a**e.

And so Willie skulks back to his bed to plan his next surprise attack – which is sure to work our next time, right?

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