The Little Prince…

Let me tell you a story about a jealous little prince called little Lord Willie…

Little Lord Willie was bored, all his courtly subjects were ill and could not play with him and the little prince did not care to look after those who were sick like his betrothed Lady Maggie. So the spoilt little prince left to go in search of somebody to play with.

He first came upon his rival Lord Pigcat from the land of felines and spent many a day enticing him to play but to no avail and on the third day he decided to return home.

On returning home he saw that not much has changed, the queen was still sick, the man children were coughing but nowhere could he find Lady Maggie. Not wanting to either catch the illness nor give solace to the ill, Lord Willie went in search of a quiet place where he could peacefully snooze the afternoon away and let everyone else get on with it.

But no sooner had the little prince arrived he heard a noise and there in amongst the cushions he came across the King. The King was stooped low, resting his head against the soft furnishings and the King was ill.

Little Lord Willie stood rooted on the spot for there on his knee, snuggled in sat Lady Maggie comforting the King. All the emotions of the rainbow ran through the little princes veins; worry, sympathy, love and horror – his daddy was ill but in amongst these emotions a trickle of jealousy ran down his spine for Lady Maggie sat where a prince should sit.

So the little spoilt prince began planning his move, he would entice the little princess out with promises of play and steal his bottom away into the space by the king and this he did but not without a last smug look at Lady Maggie as she sat tearfully by the side of the couch for the little spoilt prince had stolen her place and offered the king cuddles and embrace…

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