That’s it!

Right that’s it!
I’m done.
I’ve had enough.
I’m moving out..

They’ve taken the biscuit today – those two legs – those hoomans. It’s Sunday for goodness sake, the day of rest. The day for snuggles and treats and blissful dreams. I knew she was up to something, you know HER indoors. She’s been smiling randomly at herself for days – thinks she’s clever does she!

L👀k, just LOOK at the state of me, berift, scared and confused. I should of known something was up when the car turned left and not right at then end of the street, this was no beach visit or romp in the woods…

No poked and prodded was I. Humiliated as they discussed my chunky thighs and then suggesting one had poor muscle tone compared to the other – I’ve had a major operation you know, I’d like to see your gluteus maximus after you’ve had one – the cheek.

Did the horror end there? No, it got worse, for not only was I tricked and taken advantage of, Maggie was too. How dare the hoomans subject Lady Maggie and I Lord Willie first of my name into tepid waters of 30°. How dare they make us exercise and swim for our ‘own good’. We do not care if Daddy has a kayak and needs to know we can swim, should he deem to take us with him (personality I’d rather be home getting my own back on that pesky cat!)

But we showed them, the pretty lady wanted me to swim but I stuck my tongue out at her. Ha – that showed her, Maggie joined in too, nobody can make us fine blooded royal specimens swim – well, okay as you can see we did swim as we didn’t really have a choice and we did kind of like it (maybe) at the end but it was Maggie who surprised everyone, for years she’s pretended she could not swim but by heck she can – and fast too…

But me – well I need a few more sessions, the hoomans are a bit concerned about my leg and that I still hop and skip now and then – that and as the colder weather creeps in I stiffen up a bit (daddies sniggering at that last statement 🙄.) Hence I get the feeling they are planning to revisit the pretty lady – well next time I’m gonna be REALLY bad, none of this sticking my tongue out and stuff. Next time I’m gonna pee in pool…

That will show them!

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