Poor Mr. Panda…

Happy Friday (well, for you Monday to Friday workers anyway) Lord Willie first of his name is definitely excited about the weekend. As it is the first one for a few weeks where illness is not making his hoomans sad, which in turn means he can cause mischief.

Mischief now being his middle name as he becomes more and more confident at playing. He is like a rejuvenated pup again, lolliping about, rolling, climbing and generally being a right class clown, however this new found youthfulness has brought about another wee (unwanted) side effect…

One which Mr. Panda is not so enthusiastic about (and is not a willing victim.) Yes Mr. Panda is Lord Willie’s new muse, Lord Wilie first of his name is deeply in love with Mr. Panda, smitten is he. Each day he longingly looks into Mr. Pandas eyes and whispers sweet nothings into his ear, as he bends him over the dog bed to participate in the art of ‘making love.’

Everyday, we confiscated Mr. Panda from his grip as Mr. Panda begs for animinty from Willie’s loving advances and very bad chat up lines but still Willie finds him. Poor Mr. Panda, who sadly does not recipicate this feeling of admiration towards Willie. For he is in love with Lady Maggie – a love triangle in the making – where only heart ache and betrayal can flourish…

On the upside though all this extra curricular actitivy that is going on does tire Little Lord Willie out, so it’s not all that bad (sorry Mr. Panda.) Let’s just hope the next episode of ‘Westies and Wanting Loins’ isn’t the part where disaster strikes and he finds out Mr. Panda is in love with another…

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