Can you spot Willies timely photobomb on Maggie’s moment? Oh, the look of disgust on her face – this is what happens when you create a cuddle monster who loves attention. Yes Willie firmly believes he has many names and wags his tail excitedly as he hears them all;

Squishy bum…

And these are just a few. Magnanimous is he in his ego as he proudly owns each and everyone if them, for he is not modest like Lady Maggie in the slightest. No he is quite happy to burst into song over Maggies voice, charge into her moments of cuddles and boulder her over (if needs must) to get in on the action.

All praise our beautiful girl Maggie, who quietly endures his neediness and takes it all in her stride. She is indeed the more confident of the two and easily plays the lead part in this duo happily. Indeed I think Maggie has played a very big and important part in Willie’s story, she has supported and encouraged him from the start.

These two characters are a hoot together and as they bound through the woods, playing and living the dream I find myself hoping that one never has to go without the other because they are family (albiet they are more like squabbling siblings than star stuck lovers) but they do need each other just as they need us and we need them.Maggie is Willie’s Maid Marion to his Robin Hood – just based more around the Monty Python theme I think…

Brave Sir Robin ran away
Bravely ran away away
(I didn’t!)
When danger reared its ugly head
He bravely turned his tail and fled
Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
(I didn’t!)
And gallantly he chickened out
Bravely taking to his feet
(I never did!)
He beat a very brave retreat
(All lies!)
Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!
(I never!)

Monty Python – Brave Sir Robin ran away – 2006

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