Somebody is being a worky ticket today.
Somebody has woken up full of beans.
Somebody has kept us on our toes all day.

So far somebody has threw thier empty food bowls across the kitchen, chomped at daddy for not giving instant cuddles and given a right gob full to the poor unsuspecting postman as he’s tried to deliver the post.

That and;

Killed Mr. Jellyfish,

Knicked Maggie’s treats – out of her mouth while she’s eaten them (she was not impressed),

Kicked up all the freshly raked leaves in the garden,

Shouted at daddy for a) cuddling Maggie and b) not getting some of his breakfast,

Sat on the TV remote and refused to move,

Tiddled on daddies work boots,

Chewed the corner off mummies book,

Ate all of Pigcats biscuits,

Barked at the wind (loudly and continuously throughout the day),

And forgotten all of his off lead manners and run around like a chicken with its head cut off, jumping up and snapping at passing gusts of winds and leaves.

Hence, Mummy and Daddy cannot wait for bedtime and are at a loss at what has got into someone today. Personally I think someone has woken up with ‘little man syndrome’ and because he has had a good night’s sleep is making sure we know he is here. Well that or hes just being a dickosaurus today…

Just as well we love you eh Willie!

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