A Great idea…

Mr. 3WD&P has had a wonderful idea, one day not too long ago he decided that he would teach Lord Willie to speak. Yes speak.

Many hours and days passed as Mr 3WD&P lovingly worked with Willie and every minute of every day was planned methoducally to make this most fantastic idea of his achievable.

And slowly, day by day little Lord Willie’s confidence grew (but not too quickly as Willie is not totally daft and thoroughly enjoyed all the treats that came his way.) So Mr 3WD&P glowed with pride each day as his four legged student excelled at his tasks and Willie began to speak.

However, Mrs 3WD&P not so nieve and sat back and watched with interest (and a little bit of knowing) for Willie is a character and not always does he follow the plan.

So as Mr 3WD&P taught Willie to say please and I love you and announced to all that would listen how clever was his plan.

Mrs 3WD&P waited and followed the parade but not too long did Willie take the stage. Tell me you love me daddy did croon and remember to say please and don’t you greed.

So Willie did talk, his manners he used, please and I love you he shouted all at once, while bouncing on daddy and being a right tool because let’s face it Willie’s just Willie and posh ain’t his thing, a street dog was in, he just sticks his paws right in…

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