Left at home…

We’ve had an exciting weekend, celebrating not one but two birthdays this month. For our grandson is four and his mummy is… Well not four and it is rude to ask a ladies age.

Sadly, Lord Willie and lady Maggie could not partake in in our first adventure to Whitehouse Farm, being that they are terriers who love to play at being hunter gatherers and walking around with a bunny or an owl in thier mouths may not have been socially acceptable and dare I say traumatic to the littilies enjoying thier farm experience.

That being said us grown ups had a great time and although I have only shared the owl encounter as yet, we have lots more photographs from meerkats to skinny pigs. The peak moment to our visit though, watching our four year old grandson rock the creepy crawly show – yes he held all those things us adults fear – the giant cockroaches, hairy spiders and sneaky snakes. Even putting his uncle Cameron to shame (as the 14 shook in his boots.)

Moral of the story, it’s good to shake it up once in a while; a change of scenery, a challenge and of course having a nice hot cuppa back at home and snuggling into…

The sofa cushions because Lord Willie and Lady Maggie were of course in a huff with us because we left them behind!

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