Maggie had a ball. Had being the clue word here. Maggie let Willie play with her ball. Yes, when Maggie found the ball it was already dead, however after ‘fat head Willie’ got a hold of it it was not only dead but had also had its autopsy.

Yes Willie (as Maggie watched in horror) defiled the ball and how long did Willie take to commit this crime?

Well, less than ten seconds because have I mentioned before Willie is a brute (I’m sure I have.) Growing up we all had that one friend of a friend that no-one wanted to play with. The one that was awful at sharing, took the game deadly serious and was an outright jerk – you know the ones, in thier obsession of winning they would have gone as far as starting the apocalypse to get thier own way…

Yep that’s our lad. As the four horses of the apocalypse came riding by and saw Willie and his unfortunate playmate (the ball) they quickly changed direction (as not to make eye contact with this white Godzilla.) They galloped back to where they sprang from at top speed, tail between thier legs.

For there is no match for Lord Willie when he is ‘playing’ you’ve got more chance of surviving the apocalypse than saving the poor unsuspecting victim – I mean toy – he has squealing in his mouth.

And Willie regrets nothing , not the huge grudge that Maggie is holding against him or the fact he has a bit of green silicone stuck in his tooth or even that nobody will ever play with him because he is Boss dog, Hulk dog, Godzilla dog and he doesn’t care!

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