Diary of a Willie…

Lord Willies week in pictures…

Sunday – Daddy dished out corporal punishment in the form of a giant bath tub, however I Lord Willie, first of my name, descendent of Billy goat thwarted the bath monitor by climbing up onto his shoulder to be parrot – take that daddy!

Monday – Day two of my corporal punishment back at daddy. To ignore and disown him. Here is a perfect example of me (Lord Willie) choosing grandad over daddy. You will suffer and I will huff until you surrender daddy…

Tuesday – the small hooman has food. Sadly my plan to defeat daddy back fired. Apparently throwing all of my toys out of the basket was one step too far, thus daddy is ‘putting me back in my box’ what ever that means? As such I cannot get away with a silent fart, however I have managed to get around the no begging hooman food rule – nobody sees me behind this cushion!

Wednesday – bisqwits. Daddy thinks I am lovingly looking at him – am I nuts – I want the bisqwit!

Thursday – Okay Daddy is taking this huff too seriously it’s time to crack out my best moves. I let mummy brush me and make me handsome for this (I even let her put on my doggy cologne without a fuss.) Just look how beautiful I am, daddy never appreciates my rugged good looks.

Friday – yep I’m still playing the winning game. If I sit here looking longingly out of the window looking for daddy he’ll break. Plus it will be perfect timing as it’s fweyeday, takeout night – yum yum…

Saturday – Urgh. No takeaway last night, all that effort for nothing and to make matters worse today I was expected to be gentlemanly. Gentlemanly – the cheek of it – and with a scallywag too. Yes a teenage girl, who all she wanted to do was kiss me and cuddle me and pull my ears – ppfffttt. This isn’t on like, I am Lord Willie first of my name, this just isn’t good enough, I better get pizza for my tea tonight or I’m going to wee in daddies shoes again…

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