There once was a dog…

There once was a dog
As white as could be
That loved the bed so much
He refused to go for a wee.

On days the wind blew
And ice crisped the leaves
He started a strike
And refused to leave.

He snuggled up warm
Right past the dawn
And stayed in the bed
Until after the alarm said.

He hogged all the covers
Stole away the pillows
Pushed away his day
Sleeping it away.

If he hadn’t have been white
A Meerkat he was like
Huddled in heap
Determined to sleep.

But when teatime came
He didn’t like the game
The food was in the kitchen
His tummy was under strain.

So he fought the duvet monster
The snake had wrapped him tight
He had to be really brave
And fight his bottom out.

But on winning the battle
He fell onto the floor
Face first he did fall
Not graceful at all.

But he didn’t care
And shook his white hair
As he strutted his stuff
To the kitchen real tough.


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