This is Willie’s innocent until proven guilty look or maybe it’s his do I look like I’m bothered look?

Either way he’s been up to no good (as usual.) Yes Lord Willie has been causing mischief but today was not any ordinary mischief. No today Willie is messing with his daddy, Mr 3WD&P and not being happy to just push the boundaries with daddies food, he has escalated his tactics to messing with the… Wait for it…the man tools…

Yes, Willie was caught red pawed touching (and mouthing) daddies tape measure. Yes, daddy had left it on the floor within reach (making it free game) but on being caught (by myself) he showed no remorse. If I’m honest he was practically smiling with wickedness as I snapped photographs of his delinquent behaviour, neither did he heed any of my warnings of the oncoming wrath of daddy bear. No he carried on domineering the belongings of daddy and when I turned my back…

He knicked MY Scottie dog off the sideboard and domineered that too, he even had the cheek to make eye contact as he did it AND answer back and complain when I took it off him…

Back off bunny rabbit and go back to the man tools – mummy is gonna whoop your butt!

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