The world of three white dogs and a pig is somewhat hectic at the moment as we have a honarary white dog staying with us and Lord Willie is taken his parental responsibilities very seriously but more on that later for us two legged mummies have been up to mischief…

Yes, yesterday we desended upon the world of sausage making and came away as trained sausologists (which surprised us as we practically cried all the way through the class.)

Irrelevant was the fact that we are fully grown responsible adults or that because we are well educated scholars of life that we would behave…

No such luck, I mean the first clue was that we were the only group to rock up with a full bottle of jack daniels, the second may of been the constant sniggering going on every time the word sausage was mentioned but the dead give away may of been when someone in our group loudly (but innocently) pointed out that the the sausage skin (snigger, snigger) looked just like a condom. Yes we were that group of ladies and I’m pretty sure the class demonstrator (probably used to such banter) breathed a sign of relief as we all clattered out of our class with a shit load of whisky infused sausages.

However, they were not going to get rid of us that easy, cake was to be had (over more sniggering and inappropriate innuendo.) I mean cmon look at the photos how can you not giggle and where a good laugh is to be had, we are there and why not it blows the cobwebs off.

So if there’s a sausologists course near you, I totally recommend you go for it and be ready for a giggle because there is nothing better to spend silly time with family and friends.


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