Under The Wing…

This is Willie.

Willie is tired (see photograph one.)

Now we have mentioned lately that we have another we visitor and we may have snuck a sneaky photo of her in the background lately too. This visitor has been a slightly different experience for all of us here, two legs and four paws alike. For you see our visitor is still essentially a baby and Willie – well Willie can be a little bit of a grump, so we were a little unsure how he would take this addition.

We needed never to worry though, it was love at first sight. Not love as in you are my soul mate but parental love. Yes Lady Maggie took our little visitor under her wing immediately, doing things she never did with any other of our dogs incuding Nana Rosie such as sleeping together curled up in a ball. Indeed Maggie has found motherhood easy, teaching her the ropes as well as putting her in her place and correcting unwanted behaviours – yes she has been fantastic, making the transition easier for our little charge.

Lord Willie though has surprised us the most, never have we seen him so gentle or shown so much patience. Don’t get me wrong he’s one of ‘those’ parents, you know the ones, the ones that teach the kids all the worst habits. You know like how to play noisy and delights in showing her the quickest way to murder a toy. Not to mention teaching her to pee pee in daddies shoes, sit in daddies chair (as he goes to sit down) and how to beg for pizza. Yes Willie is the Homer Simpson of Westie father’s. Just look how attentive he is checking up on his ‘little girl’ in the car – ah bless but then on the second photo he’s napping, leaving Maggie to do the parenting …

Yes you wouldn’t think this little girl has only been with us a few weeks, she’s still learning the rules and needs some vetinary care but I think Mr 3WD&P may need to keep his wits about him before Willie & Maggie fill out the adoption forms themselves and our two become three again permanently 😊😁😊

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