Prehistoric Ruins…

We have been out exploring today in the Lake district, pondering about life and the universe, taking time out to appreciate the beautiful scenery and how lucky we are to have them so accessable to us. We ventured out to first explore Castlerigg stone circle thought to be erected an impressive 4500 years ago by local prehistoric farming communities. It was a popular site, with many visitors coming and going to take in the atmosphere (some well behaved, some not so much 🤨😐) but while we – Mr 3WD&P and I thoroughly it our small charges (the fourpaws) were not so enamoured.

Actually Lord Willie, Maggie and Ginny had much more fun tangling thier leaders in knots and generally behaving like hooligans, giving the impression that they were wild prehistoric folk themselves. Then there was the mole hills and poo, poo everywhere. Sheep poo, cow poo, wildlife poo a whole banquet of poop 💩. Apparently there is many things you can do with poop too, you can roll in it, eat it, kick it up at your hoomans and collect it, taking it back to the car for later.

As such we did not really stay as long as we would of wanted at Castlerigg and were quickly off adventuring in the car again (although this time the car had rather a different aroma.) Yes by the time we arrived at Grasmere the car was hotching (nothing like in car heating to ventilate the fumes around) and no sooner had we left the car the three amigos decided that this destination was just as boring as the last or so they thought for Grasmere has a treasure…

And we certainly didn’t share it with those three. I think they have caused enough stink today without adding gingerbread to thier diet don’t you?

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