The Witch, Spider and Bat…

Once there was a witch, a spider and a bat who were bored because all they did was sleep and all that.

Until one spooky October night
they all woke up with quite a fright.

The moon was bright, there was no one in sight
a sound they heard through the house (a lot louder than the mouse.)

Ginny wept, Willie whined and Maggie rolled her eyes and frowned. For brave was she unlike the others, she led the way towards the cupboards.

Slowly with great care she gently open one but it was bare. Willie gasped, Ginny fainted all the food was gone or tainted.Cobwebs blew and dust fluttered, who would feed these three bottomless gutters.

Suddenly the shadows moved and two great yellow eyes began to stare, following all of them under Maggie’s chair. As the trio shook and cried they heard the creeping pads of the yellow eyes. Closer and closer it came, ready to catch them and steal them away, into the night and far away.

With a swish and a swoosh Maggie disappeared with a ‘POOF’. There was a scream and a howl (and a lot of fooling around.) Ginny had scarpered, leaving Willie starstruck. What would he do, down in his luck?

He took a moment to dream about cheese, took a great big breath and jumped out to face death.

But there death was waiting, twitching his tail anticipating. His yellow eyes sparkled as he saw Willie falter, his teeth shone brightly as his smile opened wide, for Willie was playing right in his hands. Quietly he waited, pounce anticipated, this win would be his and Willie would hate it.

Yes death timed the pounce just right, Willie jumped out of fright. He whimpered and ran, just as dad flicked the switch, shining light on the fright but where death should of stood was a yellow eyed cat with a smug look of mischief for Willie had been had by his arch enemy Pigcat…


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