Wet Willie…

A photo says a thousands words or so I’ve heard, well Willie’s face also tells a thousand emotions.

For instance – photograph one tells us all about Willie’s delight about being outside in the rain. Yes the scrunched up eyes and scowl screams ‘I wanna be in, I wanna be in, let me in NOW.’

Sadly, for Lord Willie it carried on raining ALL day and you know we have parental responsibilities (just as he has now) and what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t provide fresh air and exercise.

Yes, see photograph two (purely for representative purposes) for this is how Lord Willie’s mood blossomed throughout the day. Dark, dismal and gloomy. Being outside in the moist, damp country air did not improve his cheerful outlook or carefree personality at all.

So quickly we move onto photograph three – a moment of weakness. The rain stopped just long enough to get this pose from Sir Moody Pants himself because he wasn’t going to walk by me as everything is my fault and daddy is purfect (check out the dirty look he’s giving me.)

Here in photograph four though we see a huge climate change. Can you guess why? Oh that’s right we are no longer outside in the rain. Gone is the bad tempered, grumpy old man (and Willie is feeling better too 😉.) Yes Lord Willie is back living in comfort and warmth. Also believe it or not he is out for count, as this boy likes to sleep with one eye open (just incase there is any free cheese on the go.)

And what’s better than being dry, warm and rested (well apart from cheese) a real fire of course. Thankfully Willie has learnt (the hard way) not to sit too close to the fire , as to not burn the tip of his nose but do you notice that he is only one by the fire?

That’s because he is a fire hog and won’t let anybody else bask in the flow of the flames and there is nothing like the smell of slightly singed Westie fur as he slowly melts into the rug, too stupid to move without a punt from us when he is too hot…

You’ve just gotta love this boy!

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