I bought a pack of sausage rolls today.

There was four in the pack.

They were still warm from the bakers as I unpacked.

I can’t blame the wee one because she wasn’t here, off to the vet for a spay was she.

I can’t blame Pigcat for he was busy, grooming his magnificent tail and making himself dizzy.

Two culprits are left and both look guilty but one got lucky as the other was silly.

One sausage roll is left in the pack, three have gone, never to come back.

I followed the trail of crumbs to the rug and scrutinized the smug look of the dug.

For Maggie you see, had a look full of glee and was licking her lips, not minding it going on her hips.

But guess who was missing and quiet as could be, pretending the crime could never be he.

Yes, Lord Willie the first was hidden away, behind the curtains he managed to stay. No crumbs could I see or licking of lips, for nothing he left to tell of his crime, apart from the fact his bottom plays rhymes…

Yes Lord Willie the first had his share and a bit of the three sausage rolls and as he trump’s and he pumps, he trys to look cool but the smell from his bottom gives him away – silly fool, for he smells like a Gregg’s shop on a cold winters day. But innocent until proven guilty they say, so ask him yourself “did you steal the buffet?”

Just look at that face, the look of disgrace the answers right there – “Yes I did your grace!”

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