Little Stinker …

There’s no keeping this little stinker down…

Keep her still the vet said.

Don’t let her jump about.

It would be easier to stop a Tigger from bouncing.

Indeed, no sooner had we got home and the anesthesic worn off she was fetching her ball to play.

Irrelevant that both her back legs are plastered or that there is a scar on her tummy. For last week she was spayed and her dew claws removed (as they were causing her a lot of pain) and she has took it all in her stride.

If I was to describe this little lady I would say she’s a wee baby. She loves life, puts a positive twist on everything and is slightly hyperactive but she’s a nervous wee thing too, always looking for reassurance. We still have a little way to go with toilet training and house rules. As at seven to eight months old we are right in the ‘terrible teens’ stage and Ginny is no exception, choosing to either ignore or rebel against them.

This has not stopped her from absolutely and totally stealing into my heart. She reminds me so much of Nana Rosie with her mannerisms (and silliness.) Each day she settles more and each day we see her become a larger part of Lord Willie and Lady Maggies canine family and she is set to stay with us until February.

That being said…

Mr 3WD&P has said yes. Little Ginny has worked her charms into his heart too , so we have failed but in the most wonderful way. Little Ginny is to be our (honoury) third (white) dog.


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