No good…

The day Lord Willie tried to hide that he had been up to no good…

Mummy- Why are you not looking at me son?

Willie – I’m busy…

Mummy – Not even eye contact?

Willie – I’m really busy??

Mummy – What have you up to?

Willie – Silence…

Mummy – Come here, let’s have a look at you?

Willie – Trys to look any other way.

Mummy – What’s that on your chin?

Willie – Dunno?

Mummy – Yes, you do! Urgh it’s sticky?

Willie – It’s not yogurt!

Mummy – Is it yogurt? Where’s mummies yogurt?

Willie – It’s not yogurt!

Mummy – I left my yogurt on the table Willie. Where is it?

Willie – I dunno?

Mummy – You smell like yogurt?

Willie – No I don’t!

Mummy – Did you steal my yogurt Willie?

Willie – It’s not fair, why do you always blame me? It might of been Maggie or Ginny…

Mummy – Maggie and Ginny don’t have yogurt all over thier face Willie!

Willie – Neither do I.

Mummy – What’s this then?

Willie – I dunno?

Mummy – You’re gonna need a bath now, it’s stuck in your beard.

Willie – Don’t be silly it’s yogurt, it will lick off.

Mummy – Ah ha, you did steal my yogurt then!

Willie – It was just one lick.

Mummy – Oo you little liar, it’s all gone. Look it’s been licked clean.

Willie – Oh!

Mummy – BATH!

Moral of the story, don’t leave evidence on your chinny chin chin…

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