The white ball of terror…

We have an extra small visitor today. This little visitor is a mini terrorist and has everyone here at 3WD&P pooped.

While Ginny is a pocket rocket, full of fun. Willie and Maggie are professional knappers. They do occasionally come out of their comfort zone (the couch) to entertain wee Ginny and play with her but when they have had enough Ginny is more than happy to keep herself entertained for hours.

However, our extra small visitor today is not. She strongly believes that if she is awake, everyone eles should be awake too. Just as she believes that everyone in the household MUST play with her at all times.

Yes, our lot are knackered (and starting to get a little bit crabby) but thankfully she is only here for another three hours before they can sleep…

Have you ever looked and young children and babies and thought ahh ain’t they cute but couldn’t go back to doing that 24/7 ? Yes – so have Willie, Maggie and Ginny today.

Funnily enough though our extra small visitor has had a whale of a time. Yes, wee Ripley (my dad’s three month old westie puppy) is throughly enjoying causing mayhem and terrorising Lord Willie in his sleep.

Lord Willie – well he doesn’t know quite what to make of this small white bundle of energy. He doesn’t know if he wants to play with it, eat it or love it. I would even go as far to say he’s never really spent anytime with baby westie before, as he is so bamboozled as to what to do with it…

The rest of us? Roll on nine thirty, we are tired just watching her…

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